1. Introduction
  2. What is Functionary?

Functionary does stuff based on the set of analytic events that have been fired for a user. It can triggers alerts, sends slack/text messages, sends transactional/marketing emails, triggers webhooks, or really anything else.

Based on the events, functionary creates a concept of state. Using that state, it decides if it should do something (or not) for a user in your app.

The API interfaces is the same as Mixpanel, Posthog, or Amplitude. Just call /identify and /events.

It’s all defined by you and easily updated in a config file.


Get SMS, email, and slack alerts as users complete events.


Trigger webhooks as users complete events.


Send you or your customers emails when they complete certain events


Send slack messages, create channels, or trigger automated messages from your personal slack account into a shared channel as customers integrate your product.